Accommodation services provided by us to the travelers are highly appreciated by them and we are successful in enhancing the reputation of the company in Mount Isa and the surrounding areas. We can evaluate the expectation of our customers and specialize in making the entire needful requirement according to them and build long term professional relation with them.

A Glance At Our Services

Free Wi-Fi Accommodation

Wi-Fi is a basic need nowadays as that helps one to stay connected and get all the necessary information at the click of a button. Because of the demand by the customers, we have a free Wi-Fi zone in our building structure and in all the individual rooms so that our guests can make full utilization of it but we are also careful about the breach of trust that can happen because of free Wi-Fi access too. Hence, we have all programs and designated personals to take care of the security.

Quality Accommodation

We have been providing our customer with excellent quality service ever since we have started our business and we are now known for the best quality accommodation service we provide. We make use of all the updated technology and our team of trusted staff members to deliver customer satisfactory results. We keep updating ourselves with the latest trends in the hospitality business and are successful in living up to the expectation of the visitors. Call us immediately to book a living space and enjoy your holiday with our flawless service.

Short Term Accommodation

People visiting us need not worry about the time span for which they need to stay for we have special offers and programs for everyone. Short term stay is for a least of 4 to 5 days and all arrangements are done accordingly to meet your needs. People may move in to stay for various reasons such as for holiday, also when shifting in a new house or during a wedding ceremony when there are lots of guests at home and the space is not enough to accommodate everyone. Send us an email without any further delay to avail our service and experience the luxury of staying in our apartments.

Deluxe Car Service

At Mick’s Accommodation Club we can arrange Mt Isa’s Deluxe Car Service to pick up and drop you off at our accommodation premises at a special rate for our guests, car seating a maximum of 8 guests.

Mt Isa’s Deluxe Car Service is ideal for Weddings, parties, Hens nights, Special occasions of all types within the Mount Isa and Cloncurry district.

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